Three things you should know about Katal:

1. No one can do digital marketing for casinos and gaming businesses like
we can.

2. We bring big agency resources to the table, customizable for small business
and start up needs.

3. We have an incredible network of talent from around the world to build
brands, develop software solutions, and pioneer the digital space at unprecedented
realities of value, efficiency, and quality.


THE LONG-ER VERSION. (We like both.)

We live in a world where almost every piece of media can be measured, and even more so, optimized. Where art meets science makes marketing tick. Billion dollar brands have been built on digital, measurable media alone. The world (and game) has officially changed. And, at Katal, we have developed our core expertise, digital and content marketing, in the arenas of gaming and entertainment. We’re ready, and we say, bring it on brave new world.

We are not just idea creators— we’re enablers; and we’re passionate about making ideas happen. Two of our core focuses bring ideas from concept to reality for companies. From developing technology solutions for web and software concepts to developing marketing strategies to bring brands and businesses to life, Katal is the force accelerant you need.

You see, that’s why we’re a marketing laboratory. We live for testing, learning, improving— doing better than before. About being proud in what we do. But more importantly, we’re passionate about our clients’ success and delivering results. And we’ve built an incredible network of talent to do so.


We may have already mentioned our unprecedented work in the space. Let’s run through some stats behind that: #lookbackatit

Combined, we’ve chalked some serious time on the clock.


We’ve produced some incredible results over the years.





katal /kat·al/ (kat´al)

a unit of measurement proposed to express activities of all catalysts, being that amount of a catalyst that catalyzes a reaction rate of 1 mole of substrate per second. Symbol kat.1


火 Ka or hi, meaning “Fire”, represents the energetic, forceful, moving things in the world. Animals, capable of movement and full of forceful energy, are primary examples of ka objects. Bodily, ka represents our metabolism and body heat, and in the mental and emotional realms, it represents drive and passion. ka can be associated with security, motivation, desire, intention, and an outgoing spirit.2

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