When you think media plan do you think #winning? (You should.) 
AdWeek winning media plans

Top 10 lists! Oh joy. And unfortunately we don’t have David Letterman here to present to you. But we do have some highlights.

AdWeek recently presented its Top 10 Media Plans of the Year for 2013. Sounds incredibly exciting, right? It actually is when you get to the juicy parts: (Forgive us if this is purely marketing geeking out.)

Grey Poupon revitalized its brand by building a community of exclusive followers on Facebook; you had to pass a “test” to access the app, and for your good taste you were rewarded. Furthermore, the brand and its agency harnessed the power of digital media and communications (also know as earned media) to create a multiple of 2.5 times the views it purchased for its 30 second Oscar spot. Incredible targeting, true creative, effective and inexpensive buzz building planning = awesome, actually, sauce.

Some orchestration inspiration can be found in the Game of Thrones media plan. Building out a plan that started 6 weeks out from the season’s debut, they were able to create a more diverse and almost double audience for the hit series’ third season. The key to the media was its unexpected elements and strategic placing, enabling HBO to have its first hit at levels comparable to The Sopranos.

When debuting a new product, few industries have as long as lead times as movies. Except, maybe, video games.  Just learned: Call of Duty is basically the biggest and richest kid on the block in the video game world. It out-grossed The Avengers opening weekend, the biggest box office weekend in history at a cool $200 million, with a $500 debut in its first day alone. Huge, basically.
Point being, the crescendo COD has to continuously create for its new versions is an incredible model to follow – especially when looking at tapping into consumer demand for the launch of say, a branded slot machine with a cult following or the long-awaited debut of online gambling for US players. The brand’s ties to celebrities, sports, high-end talent development, and “natural” product placement add high value and allure to the already popular product. All easily applied lessons to the gaming industry, so long as it’s the right context, audience, and fit.

Other notable ideas include:  Traditional, Albeit Cutting-Edge Microtargeting, International Influencers, Swimming with Sharks, Handing Over Your Brand, and a Neglected Naked Audience.

What do these plans all have in common? Incredible strategy for one, and creativity for another. A fundamental belief at Katal is that marketing is art and science, strategy meets creativity. You 100% need both to be successful, to stand out, and to more importantly resonate and build lasting emotional connections with your (right) customers.

What strategies has no one in your industry looked at? What stood out for you from these examples? We’d love to hear if any of these sparked ideas for you, too.


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