Katal has built its expertise merging the casino and digital worlds, pioneering the social media presences and digital marketing strategies for some of the industry’s most prominent players.

Digital meets casino


Our leadership has over 39 years of marketing experience across 50 casino and gaming properties, cumulating in the community management and growth of over 3.1 million casino fans and 5.35 million email subscribers, the generation of $2 million in room revenue (in one year alone) and 44,000 room sales (in that same year), $11 million in PR & earned media from over 1,000 outlets (in just a month of launch), and reaching upwards of 1 million yearly unique visitors for individual web properties. (Check more of the highlights under results).

Working on all sides of the business – from corporate to property marketing, leading B2B and B2B2C strategies for the world’s leading casino technology manufacturer, covering the industry for Vegas’ leading publications, and launching the first legal online poker site in the US with the experience of developing strategies for the world’s largest social casino – we truly understand your casino business, the opportunities ahead, and the challenges you must overcome to have a meaningful digital strategy in today’s hypercompetitive online, offline, and social gaming landscape.


The corner stone of our offering is helping casinos make their first significant moves into the digital and social space. Whether you’re launching your online gaming property, trying to maximize your investment in social gaming, or still figuring out what channels are best for your land-based casino, we’d love to hear from you.




Here’s a list of our offerings for casino companies and gaming businesses. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask.

Digital Strategy & Execution
Communications & Campaign Development
  • Integrated Marketing, Communications, and Campaign Planning
  • Digitally-focused and Scalable Campaigns
  • Digital-specific Strategy Development: Web, Social, Mobile, Content
  • Social
  • Infrastructure
  • Listening
  • Community & Channel Management
  • Promotions
  • Web
Campaign deployment

Website development

Online partnerships

  • Digitally-Optimized Content (for web, blog, social, email, mobile)
  • Visual
  • Video
  • B2B
  • Earned Media
Advertising: Social, Online, Mobile

Mobile Application development

  • Audit
  • Content Generation
Campaign Development
  • Market Research
  • Launch or Go to Market Strategy
  • Messaging & Communications Framework
  • Promotions
Communications Management & Development
  • PR
  • Internal
  • Social Media Training
  • Copywriting
  • B2B
  • Crisis Management
  • Campaign Extensions: media buying, content distribution

Interested in discussing how we can further develop your digital strategy? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us now.


Need help making your ideas a reality? Check out our technology development services.


We’re proud to have worked with:

The world’s largest casino group, the Corporate Caesars Entertainment team, and all 42 of their casino properties and major brands, including:

  • Total Rewards, the world’s premier casino loyalty program with over 40 million members
  • The World Series of Poker (WSOP), the most recognized poker brand worldwide

The premier manufacturing giant and casino technology supplier, International Game Technology (IGT), including their B2B, B2B2C, and B2C properties and premier licensed brand partners:

  • MegaJackpots, home of the most profitable game brands including Wheel of Fortune
  • DoubleDown Casino, a multi-game social casino with over 6 million players
  • IGT Juegos in Latin America
  • IGT Interactive, IGT’s iGaming division

America’s first (and only) licensed real-money online gaming company, Ultimate Gaming and their pioneering partners and brands:

  • Ultimate Poker, flagship brand and first and only licensed online poker room in the US
  • Social properties Ultimate Poker and Big Boat Bingo
  • Sports Partner the UFC, the world’s fastest growing sport
  • Owner and Gaming Partner Station Casinos, the destination of Vegas locals

Major Vegas and Gaming publications, including:

  • Vegas Chatter, a Condé Nast travel site
  • Las Vegas Weekly
  • Vegas Seven
  • Gaming Today
  • Travel Vegas
  • Against the Number

The Writers Guild of America

Music and entertainment marketing firm The Syndicate pioneering comedy and music opportunities for 10 years for major brands including Sony, Comedy Central, and Taco Bell.




We can see clearly now the rain is gone. For us, rain = lack of measurability and accountability. We love and measure digital not only because it’s good practice, but to better understand our customers and to better create results. There are three main areas we measure:


So you have 400,000 Facebook fans? Good for you. How many of them are actually interacting with your posts on a weekly or monthly basis? If this number’s anything under 10,000 for a page of that size, you’re barely hitting the average click through (not even open rates) of an email. This is not good practice. As you know with email, a bit more established medium, it’s important to keep the quality of your content and offers high. Same goes with social: it’s all about healthy community management and giving the people what they want.


Another indicator of the health of your social-oriented efforts is your ability to maximize the earned media potential of your communities. You are able to calculate this based off your potential extended audience (friends of fans or followers of your followers), and your ability to amplify your message to reach that potential and extended audience. This is the beauty of social: all those eyeballs you don’t have to pay for, with stronger introductions because they come from close ties and trusted networked sources—their friends. Like PR, of course, but sometimes better.


The “end all, be all” of measuring any marketing channel, is of course the return on a given channel. In digital, this becomes much easier depending on your business and infrastructure. Key questions here are: What value does each channel typically generate? Which channel generates the most? Which followers in what channels are the most valuable? And, guess what? These are all the “secret” metrics of how to get social and digital to make good cents and sense. Billion dollar brands have been built on digital media alone. Clearly, that’s for a good reason.