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Mobile is the future. Hands down, no denying it. Eventually (already) we’ll be wearing mobile technology all over our bodies – glasses and watches have already debuted.

One of the key areas of growth for online businesses is mobile. For land-based businesses who have yet to enter the online market, it’s the same and then some.

But this is where a fun new catch-22 comes in: We already know mobile devices are pervasive in our every day lives. Whether you’re traveling to work or to the casino, your phone is almost always on you. The catch? Our technology friends have different adversities to mobile casinos existing in their app stores, forcing companies to have stronger distribution channels on their owned online channels.

In addition, these same online companies, not surprisingly, have different levels of comfortability with the new legalization of online gaming in the US. As markets are just starting to debut on the state level, this creates even more challenges for how customers find you, especially when only two companies truly control the mobile ad space. This alone emphasizes the need for a solid earned media strategy, with content at the core of digital, social media, and PR.

Furthermore, mobile is overtaking the time spent on our desktop computers, and it’s now known that digital has also surpassed TV. This is a growing trend and it’s not stopping.

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Specific to casino entertainment, companies will have to understand new ways to distribute their apps to customers, be it direct download from their site or via email, or an HTML5 web client.

For all companies, mobile is a growing strategy that you absolutely CANNOT ignore. Whether you are a mom and pop restaurant down the street or a clothing company, your marketing strategy needs to touch people where they are now spending their most time—especially if you target younger generations of consumers. How do people find you easily? What’s the customer journey via search, social, or an online app? If they find you on their phone, can they buy from you or sign up for news?

Mobile technology also presents unique challenges because of the diverse market place, so building an app isn’t always the easiest or best solution. While mobile opens up opportunities, and arguably, if you’re there first you can hit a home run, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

What excites or scares you most about mobile? What’s the biggest opportunity for your business? Comment below and let us know.


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