Agencies start for different reasons (and yes, agency, sounds like a dirty word – part of the reason we’re not an “agency”): They think they have a different perspective than what’s currently in place. Because they want the freedom to work on a diverse array of projects. Because they think they can do things better than what currently exists. What can I say – we’re here for all those reasons and more.

We realized there was a need for true innovation and expertise in the casino and digital marketing space – and that we had a team unlike any other, who could pioneer, push the envelope, and finally bring to the industry what it’s long been missing.^ But why has such an opportunity not been seized? Social and digital marketing and expertise isn’t cheap. It’s not free (like everyone first believed). It takes investment, and most of all, it takes a team. (Now for the good news.) The best part of all of this? Casinos and industry giants alike can now have access to a team of digital experts and worker bees, for costs comparable to managing a [couple] digital specialists in house. Not to mention, with scale and resources that most in-house marketing dollars can’t budget. Many have already given up on the interactive marketing space, while others are doubling-down their investments. With the advent of online gaming soon to sweep the states, we knew we couldn’t leave our industry behind; so we’ve set out to transform it.

Many other transformations are taking place around our hometown destination of shiny, sin-ny Las Vegas, NV. New investments are being made toward economic diversification and growth; this time focused on the small guys— the small business owners and start-ups of the world. While we may be a different kind of Silicone Valley, we are certainly no longer a place where businesses (of any size) can ignore; we are growing, we are bustling, and we are fighting for our future. Katal’s main focus outside of Vegas’ long-standing bread and butter, is this opportunity ahead of us – helping businesses grow, at the times when it is most vital for them – while they are still the little or just starting guys. In order to do this, we’ve brought together a unique network of talent, tapping into development guns all over the world, from right here in our bright backyard, to halfway around the world. Warning: Ideas, meet your match at cost efficiency and quality never before realized. Furthermore, our team of creative and marketing strategists have garnered access to insights enabling brand building and strengthening, market analysis, and true marketing strategy – often services out of reach or afterthoughts for start ups and small biz. Now, small biz can have access to big agency resources customized just for their truly unique needs.

I am beyond thrilled and honored to be working with people who inspire and drive me. The perfect storm has provided for us to be here and we’re ready to become transformers. What are you waiting for?*

To infinity and beyond,


Lea Artis

^How do we know this? We’ve done it before.

*I don’t think Optimus Prime was much for hesitating. Learn more about our services or contact us. We’d love to hear from you.



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